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A high performance system for the recording and processing of any type of consumer meter readings.


MAPS is designed to run under the Windows operating system and to use SQL server as the server database system. Standard protocols and interfaces are used throughout to ensure rapid deployment on most corporate networks.

MAPS supports multiple operating environments on multiple servers. This means that physically separate instances of MAPS can coexist on the same network, for example Production and Test environments. Each environment is separate and has its own configuration.


MAPS Infrastructure


The above diagram shows a typical corporate network MAPS implementation, with three separate MAPS servers, and separate communication and FTP servers. MAPS is fully scalable, and for smaller applications will happily run on a single server.

The MAPS client application has built in version checking and server synchronisation that allows new system versions to be deployed with minimal effort. This version management extends to the field based hand held units, which may also have new versions deployed onto them automatically.