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A flexible work definition and results processing system that manages all aspects of field based work.


Workwise is a sophisticated data collection system for complex site based operations.

Workwise allows different types of site work to be easily defined in terms of templates. These templates are then used by a portable hand held unit to provide job instructions to a field operative and to apply strong point of entry validation to all entered data.

Workwise is a PC and hand held unit system, which stores all data centrally, allowing users from across an organisation to access information.The hand held unit system allows information to be viewed and stored off-site.

Workwise makes full use of any available communications channel to transfer data to and from hand held units, including real time operation using GSM/GPRS.


Workwise workflow diagram.1 - Info stored on PC, 2 - Job completed on hand held unit, 3 -Results processed on PC, 4 - Reports created for further analysis