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A flexible work definition and results processing system that manages all aspects of field based work.

Workwise - Close-up

Flexible Template Creation

Each job within Workwise has a varying amount of data which must be collected, to aid users on a hand held unit, templates with only the relevant data fields are shown.

The built-in template creation engine enables these templates to be created by users, giving complete flexibility to an organisation.

The tool uses drag-and-drop techniques enabling fast template creation, with no experience in programming needed.

Screenshot of Workwise template creation engine


Flexible reporting functionality

Workwises reporting functionality is built upon Microsoft Excel, and allows the reports to be formatted in the same way as a spreadsheet.

Customisable report filters are used to filter out the data to be displayed in a report, enabling users to view relevant data.

The reports can also be customised to an organisations needs, giving total flexibility. The built-in report engine, allows data fields from the system to be dragged and dropped into the Excel spreadsheet, to give speedy customisation.


Screenshot of workwise report engine


For more information on the functionality of Workwise please download our datasheet, from the Downloads bar.