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IRIS Operator Rounds

A state of the art system for the definition and collection of data from distributed sets of instruments, typically in a plant safety environment.


Below is a diagram showing the architecture of the IRIS System:


IRIS Architecture


The IRIS system is split into three layers:

  • The server layer comprises of a central system database that holds all of the instrument reading walk data and results, as well as audit logs and system security data.
  • The client application may be used on one or more client PCs and allows all aspects of the system to be controlled, as well as providing reports, graphs and printouts of all inspection results.

The hand held unit application is installed on one or more units that are carried by the reader when he is on a walk. The application logs the exact time and date that each instrument is visited, together with any observations that the reader may have made. A built-in barcode scanner allows each instrument to be easily defined by barcode labels placed on each instrument