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IRIS TrueView

A state of the art system for translating office documents into formats for validated user data collection on tablet devices.


IRIS TrueView is the latest product from Ipswich Software Limited and is in use by Sellafield Limited. The system takes an existing Word, Excel or other format document and converts it into a special format that can be sent down to a tablet device. The ISL software on the tablet then renders the document in a true 1 : 1 aspect so that the document appears identical to the original paper version.

Motion F5Using a tablet computer, field staff can open the electronic version of the document and click on any point where data needs to be entered. They are then presented with entry controls and background validation checks so that they can enter data in a secure and reliable way.

The system allows numbers, text, dates, signatures and sketches to be captured - as well as photographs on suitable tablet computers. Back at the office all of the captured data is stored in a secure database so that the completed document may be viewed or printed out at any stage in the future.