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IRIS TrueView

A state of the art system for translating office documents into formats for validated user data collection on tablet devices.

PC Application

The office based part of the system runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It uses the latest technologies to ensure that it is at the cutting-edge of speed and reliability. The latest security and encryption technology is used to ensure safe and protected use.

Within the office, users may view and edit document templates, view documents that have been completed in the field, and also examine detailed audit trail information for all documents worked on.

Original customer documents are prepared for use within the system using a simple custom pop up tool within Word or Excel. This tool allows data entry points to be added to the original document with full point of entry validation criteria. Other document types are being added to the system on a continual basis, as required by our customers.

Where a customer site uses our IRIS Operator Round system then full integration is provided between that system and Trueview so that results may be agregated across the two systems for trending and analysis. The two systems may also share common user access control security for seamless integration.