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IRIS TrueView

A state of the art system for translating office documents into formats for validated user data collection on tablet devices.

Tablet Application

In the field, documents are worked on using a high performance tablet computer. The tablet shows the field worker an accurate 1:1 representation of the original paper document. The field worker then simply clicks on the points where data needs to be entered and enters the appropriate information.

The electronic version of the document may contain hyperlinks so that associated documents, manuals, work lists, etc may be instantly jumped to for reference. Customer and field worker signatures are easily captured directly onto the screen. Where the tablet contains a camera then photographs may be inserted directly into the document being worked on.

The tablet application runs on any Windox XP, Vista and Windows 7 powered tablet. ISL recommend the Motion Tablet F5 for use with our Trueview system. This device is very ergonomic and is constructed from advanced materials so that it is light and easy to carry, whilst still being robust and sealed against moisture and dirt.