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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.



Street Care

Our street care system has a clever set of management tools that make office duties and dealing with mobile staff a lot easier.




The street care system has an in-built CRM system for recording incidents reported by the public. When a resident calls to reports an incident, office staff simply select the incident type from a graphical on-screen menu. Common types include:

• Abandoned Vehicles

• Graffiti

• Dog fouling

• Leaves / Weeds

• Littering

• Sharps

• Tipping/Trolleys

When these incidents are raised, a clear-up task is created and sent to the mobile operators. The operator’s hand-held computer receives the task and informs the operator that a new task has been received by making a noise and flashing an icon. The task is then stored in a list. Certain tasks will need to be dealt with faster. If, for example, offensive graffiti has been reported it will be a higher priority and appear near the top of the list. When the operator arrives at the scene, every aspect of the incident can be recorded using the hand-held computer. If needed the mobile computer can take photographic evidence using an in-built camera. Once completed, the operator simply presses a button and the completed task is sent back to the office, so that the office-staff knows exactly what has been done and what is outstanding. The CRM system has some very useful reporting tools. Each incident type is linked to an in-built KPI reporting system. This saves a lot of staff time in creating required KPI indicators, because the actual figures are calculated in seconds.



Rounds Tracking

Workwise lets you keep track of your entire “street cleaning” vehicle and personnel rounds. The most common being:

• Sweeper

• Scarab

• Gully

• Scavenging

The rounds are sent to mobile computers. These can be on-board vehicle devices or lightweight hand-held devices such as mobile phones and PDA’s. The mobile operator simply ticks off a street on completion. There is a two-way message service between the office and the field staff so that everyone is always up-to-date with the daily progress. Every vehicle or person can be plotted on a built in map for immediate tracking.

Daily reports can be run in the office to show exactly what was done and missed for all the rounds.




The Workwise system keeps track of all items that need to be cleaned, like bus shelters and externally funded items like BT Phone boxes and Virgin Media boxes. These items are sent to a mobile computer where an operator can tick them off once done. The mobile device shows lots of information about the item which can be changed by the operator. The operator can also make comments which will be shown on the office-side system alongside the last cleaned date. Our reporting service can then produce a report to show all of the outstanding items.