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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.

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Customer Details

Store all your customer details in a secure central database.

• Store any type of data, even photos.

• Information is based on a template which you can change. So you can store the exact data you want.

• Our search system provides quick access to any of the customer information.

• Automatically import all the addresses from the LLPG.

• As many concurrent users as you like. (More than one user can view and change data at the same time).

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Reports, Letters and Email

Workwise has an in-depth reporting system that is built around one unified concept, giving you useful information and valuable time saving automation.

• Show contaminated bins and issue letters to the offenders. Workwise keeps track of all letters sent.

• Print out round information, customer details and other various useful things about the customer.

• “Duty of Care” can be issued and posted/emailed to customers using specific services.

• Show all businesses without certain services, and send out letters to attract new business.




Keep track of all customer balances and statements.

• Invoice services in arrears or advance.

• Invoice all outstanding items for a client (e.g. All Skip empties, Extra bins and Bulky Collections).

• Create part invoices to spread out the total cost for clients.

• You can also perform bulk invoices, in which you can printout invoices for all customers on a certain service. For example, you could invoice any client who has a skip and the system would printout an invoice for each client.




Set tasks for staff and vehicles. For example, a typical waste management task would be a “Sacks delivery”. This task can be assigned to member staff or a vehicle for a specific date and time.

• Assign tasks to staff in an easy-to-use Diary.

• The Diary can show day, week and month views

• The diary can be set to warn the user when someone’s workload becomes too great.

• Print out a list of work for a day or week.

• Automatically send tasks to mobile devices (requires the mobile module).

• Report of tasks completed.

• All task types are built on dynamic templates, allowing you to add/remove datafields as you see fit.