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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.



Mobile Module

The Mobile module allows staff and vehicle crews to receive their tasks remotely. In a full waste management system you are likely to want mobile devices in Dustcarts and Delivery vehicles. You may also want hand-held devices similar to mobile phones for mobile workers.


Dustcart Mobile Devices

We provide a rugged simple-to-use device in which the operator simply pushes the “On” button to start. It has both a touch screen and physical buttons for tactile feedback.


• Shows the current round. This can be switched on the fly, allowing vehicles to change rounds at any time.

• Record not-out and missed bins with a single button push.

• Record contaminated bins, and what was action was taken using simple on-screen prompts.

• Record damaged bins. When a damaged bin is reported, a replacement bin task is automatically issued and sent to a delivery vehicle.

• As soon as an operator ticks off a house or street as collected, the office staff will know about it. So if the customer rings up, the office staff can deal with the customer knowing exactly what the crew have done.

• Crews can be sent extra work such as “extra bin collections”. This will appear as a message icon on their device (much like what you have on your mobile phone)



Handheld Mobile Devices

Your waste management system may require handheld devices for jobs like street cleansing. In these cases we provide a handheld device. Our software works with any windows operating system, so you literally have hundreds of devices to choose from. Some of the devices are available free on a monthly contact. Most modern devices come equipped with an in-build camera which our software can use. This allows for far better documentation on jobs like graffiti cleaning.