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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.

Fleet management


Fleet management

GPS Tracking

Always know exactly where your vehicles are with live streaming GPS data.

• Shows where your vehicles are.

• Shows where your vehicles have been.

• Shows the routes taken by showing a line on the map.

• Shows the speed of a vehicle at any point.

• Shows historical routes taken on a selected date.



Vehicle Information

Keep track of all the information about your vehicles in our quick access vehicle data store.

• Current mileage, driver and task.

• Tax renewal information with automatic alerts.

• Vehicle size, weight etc.

• Images of the vehicle and defects.



Task Management

Send tasks to your vehicles.

• Tasks can be of any type such as “Delivery to 123 London Road”.

• Vehicle crews immediately see new tasks when issued.

• Office staff will immediately see when a task has been completed.

• Office staff can see where vehicles are maybe overloaded with tasks.

• Tasks can be prioritised and issued for future dates.

• Large amounts of information can be captured in a task such as signatures and pictures



Vehicle Defects

The vehicle crew will be automatically presented with an on-screen defects sheet at the start and end of every shift.

• The on-screen defects sheet can exactly match any existing paper based method.

• Capture Signatures.

• Any defects reported by the crews will instantly appear on the office-side system and a fitter will automatically be emailed.

• Printouts from the office-side system can exactly match any existing paper based methods.



In-Vehicle routing

• Built on the Tom-Tom mapping system

• The software interacts with the driver’s tasks sent via the office staff, so the driver never has to lookup postcodes.

• The software can also calculate the best route for a series to tasks. So at the start of the day the driver can set the best route for all of the day’s tasks.



Task Mapping

If a task has been completed on a mobile device, it will contain GPS data. This allows the following features:

• Show on a map where a task has been completed.

• Show all the contaminated bins on the map, to quickly identify which areas are the worst offenders

• By clicking on a vehicle you can see its current defects sheet.