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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.



External Interfaces

It is important for a large system to play well with others, so our Waste management system seamlessly integrates with other systems which allows for some very nice features, such as automated address updating.

Our system contains built in interfaces for:

• LLPG – We automatically process LLPG updates and provide lists of new customers filtered for trade and domestic.

• RouteSmart – We can interface to RouteSmart (or other) route optimisation packages and automatically update the collection rounds.

• Financial – We have an interface to send trade invoices to an external accounting system. Because of the sheer number different accounting system available, this interface is very flexible and can be tweaked to suit any format.

• Customer relationship management – We have an XML/ CSV based interface so that CRM systems can add jobs and request data from our system. Our system also contains a built in CRM system that is highly targeted towards waste management.