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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.




Constant weekly domestic collections can be a headache with problems such as contaminated bins, vehicle issues, customer calls, address updating and resident lettering. On top of that the actual collection rounds may be poorly optimised. Workwise waste management has a clever set of tools to deal with all of these problems.



Contaminated bins

The Workwise system has many features that make dealing with residents who contaminate easier. When a contaminated bin is found, the dustcart crew can record it easily with 3-to-4 simple touches of a large-screen mobile device. The crew are presented with on-screen tick boxes which enable them to record the type of contamination found and whether they have left any sticker indications for the resident. Once a contamination has been recorded, it is displayed on the office-side system, so that if the resident phones the office, the staff can deal with it knowing exactly what the crew have reported.

Office staff can also produce a report that lists all of the contaminated bins, and print off letters for each resident that show the exact contamination found and a reminder of the recycling or composting rules. The report and printing process can be done within minutes saving your staff a lot of time. The Workwise system also has features in-place to deal with repeat offenders. If a resident contaminates a bin 3 times within a certain time period, a follow up task can be automatically issued to your enforcement team.

Workwise also allows office staff to increase recycling/composting awareness. It does this in two ways. The first is to plot the contamination on a map, which gives an instant overview of the best and worst areas. In this way staff can target certain areas. The second is a report that shows a break-down of contamination. For example, it may show 100 bins were contaminated with glass, 50 bins had wood waste, etc. This lets your staff know exactly what items may be confusing to the residents.



Vehicle management

The Workwise system has some clever management tools for your vehicle fleets. All your vehicles can be plotted on a map to show you exactly where they are. You can know exactly what state your vehicles are in by having the crew fill in an electronic defects sheet. If a defect is recorded, an email and a repair task are automatically sent to the fitter. The vehicle crew can inform the fitter of the problem using simple on-screen tick boxes. This eliminates the need for chasing up paper sheets and organising the fitter’s schedule. Workwise also has a report that lists all the defects and all the actions taken by the fitters. It can also print out the electronic defect sheet in the exact format of any existing paper base method.



Resident Calls

When dealing with a large number of residents, you will undoubtedly get calls from them. Workwise provides an easy-to-use CRM system. Each call is categorized into a type, and each call type is handled in a unique way. For example, if a resident calls to report a missed bin, the operator will simply type in an address. From the address the system would immediately bring up the details about the resident and what the vehicle crew had reported. If the vehicle crew had reported the bin as “Not out”, the operator can inform the caller. If the operator decides that the vehicle crew needs to go back, the operator can send the task to the vehicle crew. The vehicle crew will see a message icon flash up on their mobile computer which will contain the task. All of this is done by the operator in just a few clicks.

As an alternative, if you already have a CRM system in place, Workwise can receive information from it to automatically issue tasks for the vehicle crews.



Address updating and route optimising

Changes to your list of properties and customers are automatically updated in Workwise. This happens because of our interface with the LLPG. Whenever a new property is built, its details will be imported from the LLPG. Office staff can view any new properties and add services to them. This completely removes the manual task of updating your address/ customer details.

The collection route can also be optimised using our interfaces to a routing system. You can create an export for all your property data within minutes. This can be sent to a route optimising system such as RouteSmart, and then the results can be imported back into Workwise. Optimised routes mean more efficient working and savings in service provision costs.



Resident lettering

The Workwise system has many customisable lettering processes. You can do just about any letter campaign with ease. For example if you wanted to send a letter to every resident on “Round 1”, you would use the tools within Workwise to select a letter type, and then select filters for “Round 1”. The Workwise system will then automatically create a letter for each resident, and include the property’s own information, like its address and collection day.



Bin management

Workwise has a fully customisable stock control system. It contains stock counts for all your different bin types, sacks and other items. The counts are automatically adjusted when new bins or sacks are delivered to a resident. Stock levels are also adjusted automatically when crews report a broken bin and a replacement is issued. The stock control system has an email facility which will email an item’s specified buyer if the stock is running low.