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Waste management

Workwise is the complete solution to waste management in one system.




Our Trade system has all the useful features of its Domestic counterpart, with added facilities specifically for commercial operations. It also includes tools for running marketing campaigns to attract new customers.



Customer accounts

Workwise keeps all of your customer transactions in a secure central data store. Any customer details or transactions can be viewed at any time, allowing Workwise to show full client statements that list all of the services provided to a client and the amount charged for each service. Workwise caters for multiple service provision to a business. For example a business can have a Weekly refuse collection; a bi-weekly paper collection and a free-form skip hire/collection. All of these services a dealt with independently but viewed in a client statement together with a breakdown of costs. The costs are automatically calculated based on default hire and empting prices. You can also easily add special arrangements such as free or discounted services.

Workwise has multiple ways to invoice a customer. You can select a client statement and issue an invoice for some or all of the items on it. You can also create part invoices, for clients that want to split the cost over time. When invoicing on a service like bin collection, Workwise lets you issue an invoice in arrears or advance. Another time-saving feature of Workwise is that it lets you create a bulk invoice. For example, you can create invoices for everyone who has had a “Skip” in the last month. This would produce a printout that has a separate page for every customer and includes a breakdown of their hire and emptying costs. The Workwise system can also interface to accounting systems, saving double entry of data.

Alongside the many useful customer details you can store, Workwise also has a status flag. For example if you have a customer who hasn’t been paying you can set the customer status as inactive. When this flag is set, any other staff member will be immediately aware that the customer is inactive. In this way, your services to the customer can be stopped and started again very easily.



Attracting new customers

The Workwise data store holds ALL businesses in your area, not just the ones you deal with. It also stores lots of information about each business, like business type. All of this information is pulled nightly from the LLPG. Having this information, combined with the inbuilt lettering system, makes attracting new customers easy. For example you can print out a letter for each “School” who doesn’t already have a “Paper collection service”. All of this can be done within a matter of minutes, saving your staff’s time. The lettering system is totally dynamic allowing you to produce letters for any case imaginable. You can even have multiple cases, like produce letters for all existing customers who have a “Refuse” service but who don’t have a “Paper” service.



Duty of care management

“Duty of Care” management can be a big time-sink when dealing with trade customers. By law each service for a customer needs a signed “duty of care” returned annually. The Workwise system has tools that will save you an enormous amount of time. The Workwise system can produce “Duty of Care” certificates for each customer within minutes. It will then track when they were sent and if a response has been received. Reminder letters can then be sent to all the customers who you haven’t received a response from.




Workwise has a reporting system that provides lots of useful information. The reports are intended to be used to analyse areas of the business and its performance. A few of the reports are listed below:

• New / Lost business

• Waste break-down reporting on such services as Bins, Bulky items and Skips.

• Bin count according to service

• Customer and service changes

• Bags and Stickers sold

• Skips emptied