Ready Made Systems

The examples below showcase some of the major systems that we have developed since we opened for business in 2000.

Each of these systems can be used as is or as a basis for developing a fully functional bespoke system to your preciese needs.

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    MAP System

    A state of the art web system devloped for WCVA to manage grant applications from third sector organisations in Wales. Fully bilingual in operation.

    Sophisticated online forms with built in automation are used by clients to apply and back end facilities allow these applications to be scored and assessed.

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    IRIS Web System

    State of the art web based operator round system developed for EON and used in a major UK power station.

    The system uses low cost ruggedised smartphones to collect plant safety and operational data and provides detailed reports, dashboards and automation.

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    ICON system

    Web based document management and automation system used in the builind industry for comissioning major projects.

    Uses mobile tablets to allow docuements and drawings to be viewed and edited on site.

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    Ajax Shop

    AJAX Shop is a complete stock management and shop sales Epos system. The system includes till and receipt printer facilities.

    This system was developed for a local retailer and is used continuously to manage and order stock and make domestic and trade shop sales.

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    Workwise is a turnkey Waste Management system for Local Authorities. The system covers domestic waste, trade waste and steet cleansing services.

    The system provides real time data on field activity using low cost Android tablets and smartphones.

    The system is used by Ipswich Borough Council and has undergone many enhancements during its lifecycle.

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    IRIS is an operator round system developed for Sellafield Nuclear Site. Operators carry out pre-planned inspection rounds using mobile devices and record readings and plant observations. These are then used to produce reports and semi-automated corrective action.

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    MAPS is a turnkey utility meter reading system. Field bases operatives receive workpacks containing pre-planned meter reading routes onto mobile devices.

    All readings data is uploaded to a central server and used to produce utility bills.

    This system was used to read approximately 4 million customer meters in the South West of the UK and carried out 20,000 readings per working day.